Winter Yoga Schedule 

Thursdays 6-7 pm 

Sundays 4-5:30 pm 

*Individual or Group Private Sessions: By Appointment Only 

Please stop in and grab a brochure for more details! 

Yoga Sessions and ME Time Cards

ME Time Cards is used to offer the best value for Yoga Sessions at Always In Touch, LLC. Your card is kept on file in the office, allowing you to leave the wallet at home. Each card can be used for Open, Sunrise, ReSet and Open Fundamental sessions. The Card has 10 slots and is $90.00. 

Open Yoga

Thursday Evenings

6:00 pm until 7:00pm

This Session is a 1 hour, full body experience. The mindful pace is certain to increase strength, flexibility and stamina. Alignment and internal focus are combined in a manner of movement that warms the body up from within and a guided relaxation draws the session to close. This session will help relieve stress and set you up for a restorative night's sleep.

$10 or 1 slot on your ME Time Card

Sunrise Yoga

Summer Schedule

By request

This is an energetic 45 minute session designed to kick start your day, featuring a flow style of postures and breathwork. You are sure to leave this session energized, grounded and ready to take on the day.

$10 or 1 slot on your ME Time Card 

Yoga ReSet

Sunday Evenings

4:00 pm until 5:30 pm

This a is one and a half hour full body experience. Designed to balance the mind, body and spirit, the session aids in staying balanced and grounded as you transition out of the weekend. Special attention is given to our Energy Bodies; you are sure to leave both rested and revitalized.

$20 or 2 slots on your ME Time Card

Open Fundamentals 

Days and Times vary.

This is a one hour session designed for the beginner and intermediate students. Each week will included a full body session, focusing on refining a specific pose/s and closing with a guided relaxation. 

The goal of offering this session, is to allow students to grow their practice by encouraging your personal practice. 

$20 or 2 slots on your ME Time Card

Fundamentals Series

Days and Times vary.

These are one hour sessions held over an eight week period. Designed to help the  beginning student cultivate an at-home Yoga practice and feel confident walking into any Open Yoga session. These series are held periodically throughout the year. Please check with our office to learn about the next series dates.

 $200 per 8 week series

Private Yoga Session

A private Yoga session is designed specifically for the client. An assessment of abilities is the first part of this experience, followed by a personalized session including Yoga Breath-work, Poses and a guided relaxation. The goal for this session is for you to leave with a practice you feel comfortable continuing at home and to help you find the Open Sessions that give you the best benefits. Length of session does not exceed 2 hours and is based on the client's abilities.   *By Appointment Only

One person = $90

Two people = $140 

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"This place is so soothing and full of Lovely Healing People! I take a beginners Yoga class (Fundamentals Series) taught by Candi on Sundays with a small group. Never in my mind would I have thought I would be doing yoga but it is an Awesome thing to learn. The stretches really do relieve stress and RELAX you. When I started, I had an issue going on with a tingling pain in my inner thigh. My chiropractor helped some, but it was a nagging issue and in 2 yoga classes it went away....major stretching is A GOOD THING!! Now if I can just get myself in a routine practicing yoga daily I would be in a much better place. Thank You CANDI & Always In Touch for a Lovely Facility of Healing!"

-Deanna K - Carlinville, IL