​Relaxation Massage

Gentle massage therapy techniques to enhance relaxation, reduce stress and stimulate blood flow.

1 Hour = $70.00

1 1/2 Hours = $90.00

Tension Tamer Massage

This massage combines therapy and bodywork techniques to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, stimulate blood flow and decrease muscular tension, body discomfort and fatigued and knotted muscles.

1 Hour = $75.00

1 1/2 Hours = $95.00

True Deep Tissue Massage

This massage targets the muscles in the body with the much deeper approach. Detailed body work is performed to work layer by layer to decrease the muscle tension in the knotted and shortened muscle areas. Also aids in lengthening the shortened muscles. 

1 Hour = $80.00

1 1/2 Hours = $100.00

What Our Clients Are Saying

I went in with so much muscle tension from my shoulders down to my hips, and a headache that just wouldn't go away. Headache was relieved before the hour was over and tension is SO much better. I will be a return customer and highly recommend the professional and affordable services.

A Facebook Review from Nikki